Do you know that your cell phone is hazardous for you and your children?

Do you know, that all wireless devices such as tablets, smartphones and other hand-held devices with wireless internet connections are also hazardous for your health?

The World Health Organization classified cell phones in group 2B which is possibly carcinogenic.

You use the phone holding it close to your ear?
This is very bad.
You are constantly exposed to a harmful radiation hazardous for your life.

You browse Internet on a smartphone, laptop or a tablet PC keeping them close to your eyes for a long time?
This is bad.
Your eyes are continuously exposed to radiation.

You use a headset for calls? It is better but not convenient.
At the same time when you use your phone with a headset you hold it in your hands, and its radiation still affects your eyes and head.

Where do you carry your phone when you do not use it? On a belt, in the pocket?
This is bad.
The phone radiates even when you do not use it.

Do you know anything about the Safetel system?

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