Safe phone

Safetel means your safety and the safety of your children!!!

Safetel is a thin device of a matchbox size that receives and transmits information from and to an operator. In this case the radiation is emitted only by this device, and if it is more than 0.5 m away from you and your child, your safety is guaranteed. The Safetel block can be connected to your smartphone, computer, etc. via Bluetooth which radiates thousands of times less than the main emission. You can use it endlessly.

Safetel system operation

When the Safetel block is located close to your phone (maximum distance of 10 m), it asks permission to “take” the SIM card of your phone. If you give permission with the corresponding button, your phone allows this block to create a virtual SIM card inside it; further on cellular reception and transmission is done only with the block (the phone receives no cellular signals). So a SIM card itself remains in the phone, and there is no SIM in the block. As the block is placed at some distance from a person (user) its radiation is harmless. In this case the block acts as a cellular retranslator for your phone and can boost signals, thus ensuring a stable connection in places of the poor signal.

Nothing has to be changed in the phone. A phone and the block are connected via Bluetooth with minimum emissions. Every block can work with several phones and other devices (one by one). A fixed model of the block can work in parallel with several devices. Besides a block can have its own SIM card which makes it a phone by itself, with different functions.

Every technical solution of the Safetel is protected by patents!

Main advantages:

Health protection for children, as well as heavy users of mobile communications; increase of the mobile Internet quality in the weak signal zones.

Cost effectiveness:

This block costs several times less than a phone.

System features: No changes are required either for the mobile communication system standard or for the design of the user terminals, phones, computers, etc.

The adverse health effects of mobile phones  2.1 МБ (PDF)